5 Armpit / Underarm Allergic Rashes Causes And Remedies

Armpit or underarm rashes looks very bad in summer and causes irritation. It is very important to go through a proper diagnosis to know the reason for the appearance of painful underarm rashes before picking any treatment for it. There can be many reasons for rash under armpit. Below are possible causes and remedies for this burning feeling underarms.

Armpit rash or allergic rash at underarms can be embarrassing and painful together. Sometimes it feels itchy and has a burning sensation causing a little discomfort in general and sometimes the whole suffering can be really painful. This itchy armpit rash can happen to any male, female and children alike. An armpit rash can be easily spotted by its appearance in colour and texture. A person having an armpit rash will discover a swollen, pimply bump with chapped and cracked skin. The red itchy rash skin can be flaky, blotchy, blistered or painless.

Before trying to heal this armpit rash with

easy treatments and remedies, let us understand what the possible causes are for it.

  • Armpit Rash from shaving

Using an old and dull razor on underarms can irritate, break and leave burns on armpit skin. The impact can be as severe as having red bumps, ingrown here or even infection on the delicate, sensitive armpit skin. The same problems can also be raised by using epilators or plucking hair with the help of tweezers.

To avoid rash in armpit from shaving it is always suggested to go for waxing, shaving creams or undergoing laser hair removal techniques to get hair free and rash free underarms. Applying ice pack or lemon slice on the affected area can help, but make sure you do not apply lemon just after shaving, else it will burn. Shaving can also cause Dark and black underarms, which can be treated with home remedies.

  • Sweat Rash or a Heat Rash

Sweat rash in armpits is a primary concern of hygiene where sweat block perspiration at your under arms skin. As per mayoclinic its symptoms can range from blisters to red lumps. Heat rash impacts babies and adults alike.

When sweat blocked ducts happen they increase heat, moisture and friction in the under arm area causing discomfort and rashes. These sweat rash or heat rashes are mostly pimply in appearance with small raised bumps.

There is no special treatment for this kind of rash but wearing lose and cool clothing during summers and rainy season can help a lot. Experts recommend using calamine lotion on the impacted area to soothe it. Applying ice packs can also help.

  • Fungal / Yeast / Candida armpit rash

Yeast infection (candida) can cause fungal rash on your under arm area. Normally yeast infection can be at any area of your body but it gets scarier where two skins touch each other like armpits, skin between fingers and toes.

Candida makes home in warm and moist environment and armpits provide them the apt are. The problem gets worse with poor hygiene and by wearing tight fitting clothes.

Yeast or fungal rash is also a problem with people who are undergoing antibiotic therapy, diabetes, pregnancy, weak immunity like HIV aids or any STDs, inflammatory disorders and working in wet conditions.

Symptoms of Candida rash or fungal rash on armpits – red purple patches, itchy skin on the rash, yellowish white substances on patches, flaky and cracked skin, and some pus filled pimples

Fungal rash in armpit can be very serious and requires proper treatment. Doctors recommend antifungal drugs that are easily available with drug stores in the market. Also you can apply diluted tea tree oil on the affected area.

  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa armpit rash

According to webmd Hideradenitis suppurtiva refers to a skin disease that is painful in nature and causes abscesses and scarring of the skin. This kind of rash attacks anus, breast, buttocks armpits and from there can spread to legs, back, neck or face.

Reason to such painful rash is not known but experts assume inflamed hair follicles and blocked aprocrine sweat glands are the ones to be blamed.

It can be treated by taking Vitamin A – retinoid and corticosteroids based medicines. In some cases doctors recommend laser or surgical treatments. It is best to consult a doctor and discuss the severity of the rash.

  • Rash from Deodorants and antiperspirants

If you are using a lot of deodorants or antiperspirants you may also suffer from allergic armpit rash in armpit area. Usually the deodorant rashes are itchy, bumpy, reddish in colour and peel, flake with blisters.

It is suggested to switch to hyper allergic deodorants or antipersiparants. Swiping a slice of lemo can help kill any bacteria and act as a natural deodorant for you.

Armpits is a sensitive area and no one would like to go through painful, itchy and embarrassing phase of having under arm rashes. It is wise to diagnose the reason of allergic rash and get the treatment in time to heal the red itchy rashes and the affected area properly.


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