12 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Around Eyes Naturally

Dark eye circles around eyes indicates that you are not conscious about your eyes and beauty. The reason could be internal or external, find out the cause of your dark circles and try a home remedy to remove them. You can get rid of dark patches and spots around eyes with simple natural ways.
12 Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Around Eyes Naturally
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Dark eye circles make you look sick and tired. Dark area around eyes looks like black shadow that indicates stress, lack of sleep, aging or unhealthy diet. Whatever may be the reason; there are some simple and effective home remedies to remove dark circles with natural ways under and around the eyes. Read the below tips to know what to do for your black circles:

Castor oil to remove dark circles under eyes

Castor oil is safe and effective to be used to get rid of dark circles. Castrol oil will penetrate deep into the skin to remove dark shadows around eyes.

Gently pat a drop of Castrol oil round the eyes regularly to reduce dark blemishes under skin.

Rose water to reduce darkness around eyes

Besides reducing stress and fatigue of eyes, rose water is also beneficial in removing dark circles. Place rose water soaked cotton pads on eyes for 15 minutes. If you work for too long on computer screen, this remedy will relax your eyes and prevent dark circles.

Balanced diet plays an important role to treat black circles

A diet full of nutrients can reduce the dark circles around eyes. It is believed that iron and mineral deficiency can cause the area under the eyes dark. If you wish to treat dark circles, first fulfill your iron deficiency. Add more green leafy vegetables to your diet s they are rich source of iron.

Potato is a good remedy

Potato slices or potato juice, both are good to get rid of dark circles under eyes. The gentle bleaching properties of potato make it special for the treatment of dark circles. Potato juice is equally beneficial to treat any kind of skin discoloration on face. It will gradually lighten dark circles and puffy eyes.

Cucumber to diminish dark areas

Cucumber is the most common home remedy widely been used to remove dark circles. Though cucumber juice can not diminish dark circles overnight, but under eye circles can be reduced to great extent.  Just put cucumber slices on your eyes and rest for 20 to 30 minutes. Do it two times a day and gradually you will find a difference in your appearance.

Sound sleep is necessary to get rid of dark circles

A sound and undisturbed sleep is mandatory to reduce black, dark circles. Paleness and darkness around eyes becomes more prominent if you are not getting enough sleep. You are advised to remove make up around eyes before you sleep. Lack of sleep, late night outs, stress and eye make up contributes in making the skin dark around eyes.

Almond oil best for eyes

Dark areas around

the eyes can be lighten with regular massage of almond oil. A gentle massage will improve blood circulation, relaxing the blood vessels underneath the eyes. Almond oil will hydrate the skin around eyes making it soft and less puffy.

Raw milk around eyes

Raw milk is also a good remedy to reduce under eye darkness. Place cotton balls dipped in cold raw milk on your eyes to get rid of dark circles. It will moisturize the skin round the eyes making it look supple and soft.

Reduce the intake of salt

To remove dark patches around eyes, moderate your intake of salt. Excess of salt can lead to swelling, puffiness and dark circles around eyes. Avoid processed food as they are high in sodium. High level of salt in diet causes storage of water under the eyes.

Smoking and dark spots under eyes

Smoking worsens the problem of dark circles as it causes dehydration, reduces elasticity, and damages skin cells. You have to quit smoking, if you wish to eliminate dark circles around eyes completely.

Tea bags help to reduce the dark patches

Dark circles can be reduced with the aid of cold tea bags. Place the used tea bags in refrigerator to make them chilled. Now, treat your darkness around eyes by placing these bags over eyes. Lie down and rest for some time in shade. Avoid lying down in sunlight as this can extract moisture from tea bags. Tea bags can get you rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.

Drink more water to treat dark circles and puffy eyes

Drinking more water means hydrating your body well. In addition of drinking plenty of water, you should also avoid alcohol and salty drinks that causes dehydration in order to prevent dark circles and puffy eyes.

A dark circle around eyes is one of the common skin problems. Whatever home remedy you choose to remove your dark patches under eyes, follow it on a regular basis. Regular use will bring better results to get rid of black circles.

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