Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dry, Dull, Damaged, Messy And Frizzy Hair

Dry hair home remedies are effective to get rid of dull, rough, damaged, frizzy and messy hair. Hair is as important as your skin. If you treat your locks with natural homemade products, they will me healthier. For soft, smooth, shiny hair here are some best remedies for your dry and damaged hair.
Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry, Dull, Damaged, Messy and Frizzy Hair
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Dry hair means your tresses do not have the required level of moisture to maintain a healthy, smooth and shiny texture. Hair sticking up everywhere, hair loss, spilt ends; rough, messy, brittle and damaged hair are some common problems associated with dry hair. Heat, swimming, sunbathing and overuse of styling products take off the natural oil from hair making them dry and damaged. Dry hair home remedies can help you out to get rid of rough and frizzy hair.

Mustard oil for dry and dull hair

Mustard oil is beneficial to get healthy, smooth and silky hair. To get rid

of dull and messy hair, try this dry hair home remedy. Heat the mustard oil moderately and apply from roots to tips of hair. Massage gently till the oil is absorbed by the hair completely. Leave it for two hour or overnight, if you have very dry and damaged hair.

Always remember that dry hair is easily subject to breakage. So, be gentle when you massage mustard oil on your hair and dry scalp.

Fenugreek and yogurt hair mask for damaged hair
Dry and damaged hair can be treated with regular application of hair masks. Fenugreek seeds or methi seeds are potential enough to pass the required amount of moisture to frizzy and dry hair. Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Mash them in a blender or mixer to make a paste. Now, add this paste to a cup of curd. The quantity of yogurt for this home remedy depends on the length of your hair. Mix the mixture well. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to add an extra shine and soft texture to your dry hair.

Apply this hair mask on your hair and dry scalp. Wash off after an hour with a natural, mild shampoo. This remedy will reduce the dryness and minimize frizz making your hair healthy and fine.

If you find fenugreek seeds or methi dana not coming out of your hair then let the hair dry as it is. After they get dry, use a wide toothed comb on your hair. This way the residue of mask will fall off.

Egg yolk to get rid of dry and frizzy hair

Eggs are full of protein and healthy fats. Eggs are perfect for conditioning dry and damaged hair. Beat the egg yolks for treating dry hair and slather it on damp hair. Let the egg yolk sit in your tresses for 20 minutes and rinse off with cool water. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and let the hair dry naturally. Rinse this dry hair mask with cool water because hot water can cook the egg in your hair and make it hard to remove.

Egg yolk home remedy for dry hair will prevent hair breakage and help in making your lacks strong and less brittle. You can also add a teaspoon of honey or olive oil for soft and shiny hair. Mayonnaise are also said to be beneficial for dry hair as mayonnaise are made up from an emulsion of oil and eggs.

Almond oil and banana home remedy for soft hair

Banana and almond oil together make an excellent remedy to get

rid of dry and frizzy hair. Besides maintaining natural elasticity and moisture, this mask will also prevent split ends, hair loss and hair breakage. Being a rich source of omega fatty acid and multi vitamins, almond oil will penetrate deep into the scalp skin making them healthy and strong.

If you are suffering from dandruff or any other scalp inflammation, this hair mask will help you out.

All you need is one or two ripe banana according to your hair length and a tablespoon of almond oil. Blend the banana into a fine paste and mix almond oil into it. Apply this natural mask to your dry, rough hair for half an hour and wash off. This treatment will act as an excellent hair conditioner for frizzy and damaged hair.

Avocado, olive oil and coconut milk for dull and rough hair

To hydrate and moisture dull, rough hair mix an ripe avocado, half cup yogurt and a tablespoon of olive oil. Blend the three ingredients together. Apply the mask on scalp and hair length. Rinse off with a natural shampoo after 20 to 30 minutes. Coconut milk in this home remedy will nourish your hair follicles by restoring gleam and shine to the dry, damaged hair.

Olive oil which acts as a conditioner will naturally smoothen and nourish the rough hair. If your hair is dyed or colored then replace olive oil with coconut oil as olive oil is said to be lighten your color treated hair. Avocado contains nutrients and fiber which makes it useful in treating dry hair. It protects hair damage and breakage by maintaining hair elasticity.

Avoid harsh chemicals for healthy hair

Harsh cleaning agents in shampoos also wash off natural oil from hair with dirt and impurities. Use gentle and natural shampoo as they help to retain the natural moisture in the hair, making them silky and manageable. You should use a mild shampoo to wash off the oil as shampoos with high PH level will dry out your hair. Acidic shampoos would be better than alkaline shampoos for fragile and dull hair. 

Home remedies are inexpensive, harmless and effective. You can get rid of dry hair problem with consistent use of any of above natural remedy. Treatment at home can make your hair healthy, silky and beautiful naturally with a little effort and care.

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