9 Natural Skin And Hair Benefits Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is known of its several uses and benefits in skin and hair care routine. You can make your eyelashes thick, smooth your heels, moisturize your lips, make your nails healthy and hair shine with the help of castor oil. Here are some natural tips to be beautiful and attractive with the use of castor oil.
9 Natural Skin and Hair Benefits of Castor Oil
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Castor oil uses are admired for its hair and skin benefits. From long eye lashes, treating dark circles to conditioning hair and moisturizing dry skin, it has numerous benefits when it comes to beauty. This colorless oil has been used traditionally to get rid of many skin problems. Here are the natural ways to use Castor oil in your beauty regime.

Castor oil for long and thick eyelashes, eyebrows

Castor oil is that natural remedy that will assist you to get long and thick eyelashes. This wonder oil will help the eyelashes to grow. Clean your eyelashes of any dirt and makeup

before applying castor oil. Moisten the eyelashes with cotton dipped in castor oil. Take off any extra oil with the aid of dry cotton. Repeat this process once a day for a month.

To get maximum benefits for full and thick eyelashes and eyebrows, try this remedy at bedtime. You have to avoid getting the castor oil in to the eyes.

Castor oil for lips

Two drops of castor oil is more than enough to get rid of dry lips. It acts as a natural moisturizer which will nourish dry, peeling and cracked lips. Its healing qualities make it perfect for the care of chapped lips.

Castor oil is good for hair conditioning

Castor oil does excellent hair conditioning as it is rich in moisture. Massage the oil in the roots, scalp and hair at bedtime. Wash out your hair in the morning. You will find your hair more manageable and shiny with the use of this remedy. This remedy benefits you to get rid of dandruff, split ends and broken hair.

Castor oil benefits for hair

Consistent use of castor oil will help your hair to get thicker and strong. Apply this oil rich in ricinoleic acid overnight and rinse off in the morning with herbal or mild shampoo. This will stimulate hair growth, making your locks healthy. You can follow this hair treatment on weekly basis. Castor oil regular use will benefit your hair in many ways. 

Castor oil on dry feet and cracking joints

Rough, cracked feet can be cured with the help of castor oil. This vegetable oil is very useful to treat your dry and itchy feet. The cracked foot skin will improve on regular massage with lukewarm castor oil. Try this remedy before going to bed and cover your feet with socks.

Castor oil to prevent and

remove stretch marks

To prevent stretch marks from forming while you are pregnant, apply castor oil on abdomen gently. After birth stretch marks can be eliminated to some extent with the application of castor oil. Fine lines, dark spots, marks on skin can be healed with the help of castor oil.

Castor oil enhances beauty of nails

Castor oil is good at making nails healthy and beautiful. Dry and brittle nails will get properly moisturize when castor oil is massaged. You can get rid of your bitten and dry cuticles, just massaging castor oil on nails once a week.

Helps in curing Dry skin problems

Castor oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin very quickly. It is very useful in treating dry, flaky skin on face. Dry patches can be treated with castor oil which has high concentration of fatty acid. Applying a few drops in night will give you a hydrating and refreshing look in the morning. It will act as an excellent night time moisturizer.

Castor oil to prevent acne

It is said that castor oil slows down the growth of bacteria and it also has anti inflammatory properties. These two benefits make this oil useful in the treatment of acne and pimples. Clean you face of dirt and impurities before you apply Castrol oil. A small amount of Castrol oil can be a great help to the acne prone skin.

Castor oil in daily skin routine means fewer toxins on your skin that you put on your face and hair on daily basis in the form of commercial beauty products. Castor oil healing properties will benefits your skin and hair in several natural ways.

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