10 Anti Aging Foods For Wrinkles To Get Young And Fresh Skin

Anti aging foods for wrinkles can be easily found in your kitchen. Regular intake of these food items can get you young skin and help in slowing skin aging process. There are many factors responsible for causing wrinkles on your face and around eyes. Know the reason and get started with certain foods to avoid wrinkled skin.
10 Anti Aging Foods for Wrinkles to Get Young and Fresh Skin
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You can’t reduce your age on any given day but definitely can make an effort to make you skin look young, radiant and super smooth. It is wisely said that what goes inside reflects outside. For young skin and staying wrinkle free you need to watch out what foods you are generally eating. While sugary and fried food can make you aged and look burned, there are some magical anti-aging foods that can whisk away your wrinkles.Skin aging can be reversed.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the folds or creases in the skin which appear as we age older. Wrinkles can occur

earlier or later depending upon several factors. The first appearance of wrinkles on face are due to facial expressions. Other common factors that give wrinkled skin are – smoking, dehydration, immersing in water for long, sun damage and in many cases medications. Wrinkles are formed when our skin becomes thinner, drier and lose its elasticity.

Foods to get young skin

Fruits and natural food which is not processed is always recommended to have for good health. Fruits rich in Vitamin A and C are particularly helpful in maintain young wrinkle free skin. Regular intake helps in delaying wrinkles around the eyes with increasing age.

  • Oats for wrinkled free skin

Oats are low-glycemic complex carbohydrate food. Food having low- glycemic index does not cause acne, wrinkles and also do not spike your blood sugar level. Refined breads, pasta and rice are all high-gycemic foods. Oats also help in preventing skin cell damage and soothes any skin irritation. Have oats breakfast daily. It keeps heart, weight and skin happy.

  • Oranges, an anti ageing fruit

Oranges re loaded with water and Vitamin C. This means that they hydrate your skin cells and help in making collagen which in turns gives you supple and young skin. Add a glass or orange juice in your daily diet.

  • Eat Avocados

Avocados consist of healthy fat which is monounsaturated and keeps your skin hydrated. This health fat absorbs required nutrients and vitamins for your skin to stay wrinkle free. Eat avocadoes daily as this is one of the best anti aging food item.

  • Sprouts for health

A bowl of sprouts is a bowl of health. Sprouts are loaded with folate, Vitamin A and C. Vitamin A protect skin from sun damage while Vitamin C adds collagen. You can have them boiled, raw or roasted with olive oil. You can add sprouts in your diet in breakfast. Add some chopped onion, tomato, cucumber and make this anti skin aging food more healthy.

  • Grapes for young skin

Resveratrol is equipped to counter skin inflammations and keeping it smooth and young, Grape skin contains resveratrol which also fights sun damage

and effects of UV light.  While eating grapes is important for your anti-aging needs it is equally important to apply sunscreen.

  • Tasty Strawberries

Another fruit loaded with Vitamin C to keep your skin hydrated and forever young. Strawberries ward off any age related dryness and appearance of wrinkles. Eat strawberries and forget the wrinkles.

  • Tomatoes for wrinkles

Tomatoes red colour is from lycopene which also keeps your skin smooth. As per some European research done in 2008, it is found that if you consume more tomatoes or lycopene your skin will be protected from sun burn, which is the most important reason of wrinkles.

  • Tofu and Soy foods

Tofu and Soy Foods help in preserving collagen responsible for skin formation. These foods also help in protecting skin from wrinkles and UV radiation damage when exposed to sun light for longer periods of time.

  • Coffee is anti ageing

Drinking just one cup of coffee daily lower down your risk of having skin cancer. Decaf however doesn’t offer any benefits to skin. Coffee helps in reducing skin age.

  • Chocolates or Cocoa

This is a myth that chocolates give you acne or any kind of skin problem. Limited intake of Chocolates are good for your skin problems.  Cocoa contain epicatechin flavonoid which is also present in tea and red wine. It increases blood flow to the skin, boost oxygen supply and keep it looking young.


These super foods help in maintaining skin young and pushing wrinkles to come at some later age. Include the above mentioned anti aging foods in your regular diet along with proper skin care regime (including sun screen) and get fresh and young skin.


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