11 Beauty Benefits Of Neem, Neem Leaves And Neem Oil For Healthy Skin, Hair

Beauty benefits of Neem, neem oil, neem leaves are potential to treat many skin and hair problems. Neem tree also known as Azadirachta indica commonly used in India for home treatments of day to day beauty and health ailments. Here you can learn 11 beauty benefits of neem, which are very effective for skin and hair care.

Neem is known for its medicinal and Ayurvedic properties since ancient times. Neem with numerous beauty benefits for skin and hair is also known as Indian Lilac to the whole world. Before we rave about the benefits neem provide to our skin and hair, we should enjoy the fact that the herb is available all-round the year. It is packed with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, analgesic and antifungal properties that not only gives benefits to health but also solves many beauty problems.

Here are some 11 beauty benefits of neem for skin and hair that are very easy to do at home.

  • Neem
    works well for acne prone skin

Neem contains Vitamin C and its antibacterial and antifungal take care of problems for very sensitive and acne prone skin. Apply neem paste or facepack every other day in summers and see your skin free from acne in just couple of days. Neem is a natural way to get rid of acne, pimples and improve your appearance..

  • Neem reduces dark pigmentation

Neem reduces appearance of dark pigmentation on skin. You can make a neem toner at home and wipe your face every night before going to bed for a clear face free from blackheads and pigmentation. It also prevents in recurrence of blackheads on a very sensitive skin.

How to make neem toner? Take some 20 neem leaves and clean them with fresh water. Boil these leaves in half litre of water till the time neem leaves are soft, discoloured and the water gets dark green color. Strain the concoction and and store in a bottle. Let this cool down to room temperature. Use this to wipe your face with cotton every night. Store bottle in refrigerator and replace it within 15 days.

  • Neem helps you get a clear bright skin

Alternate to using the neem toner you can also make a neem face pack. Make paste of neem leaves and mix turmeric in it. Apply this on washed face twice a week to get a clear and flawless skin in just few days.

  • Neem leaves treat pimples

In case you have been attacked by pimples and they are taking peace of your mind then grind neem leaves with tulsi or basil and mix them with rose water to make a face pack. You can also find powdered mixture of both available in general stores near your place. Neem is excellent in reducing the appearance of acne and pimples.

  • Neem helps controlling excess oil on skin

Neem is a go to solution for all the beauties with oily skin. Mixing neem powder with lemon juice and fresh curd and applying this as a face pack helps in sebum controlling on facial skin. This face pack also prevents possibility of acne and other infections that commonly bother people with oily skin. This beauty benefit of neem is boon for oily and sensitive skin people.

  • Neem Oil helps keeping scalp fungus free

Massaging your scalp with neem oil once a week keeps it free from fungal and bacterial infections. If you have sensitive scalp the neem oil fragrance

can be little disturbing. Mix neem oil with coconut oil and almond oil to sooth your scalp.

  • Neem oil treats eczema, psoriasis and ringworm

Antifungal and Antibacterial properties of neem oil help in treating skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and ringworms.  Apply neem oil with cotton on the affected area daily for the best results.

All the inflammatory skin conditions lead to itchy, dry, red, flaking skin. Nimbidin which is an anti-inflammatory substance in the neem aids to reduce the redness and irritation on skin. Neem gives excellent beauty benefit in treating any type of skin infections on skin and hair.

  • Neem oil helps to clean dandruff on the scalp

Neem is best remedy to get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp. Massaging neem oil on the scalp and keeping it overnight twice a week helps in cleaning dandruff. This treatment also prevents thinning of hair and strengthens them from the roots.

Neem shampoo can also be made at home by mixing one tablespoon of neem oil in your regular shampoo. Shake the shampoo bottle so that both get blend well. You can apply this neem shampoo once in a week for best results.

  • Neem oil is very effective in hair re growth

Applying neem oil is good for those who are looking for easily solutions to re grow hair on their scalp. Use it regularly for much stronger hair and a full voluminous scalp. A teaspoon of neem oil can be mixed in 4 tablespoon of mustard oil or olive oil to apply on scalp.

  • Neem oil act as a conditioner

Neem oil can also be used a conditioner for frizzy hair. It works as a pre shampoo conditioner. Use neem oil on frizzy hair before you wash hair and find smooth straight hair post shampoo.

  • Neem  for head lice

Neem is a good alternative to get rid of head lice over harsh chemicals shampoos and lotions. Neem or neem oil effectively kill lice and eggs from the hair.

All the above uses of neem are very effective for skin and hair care.The secret that only few natural products can match the beauty benefits of Neem and neem oil makes it more exotic.  See how neem can help you with your skin problems and get swift release. 

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