20 Beauty Tips Of Sandalwood / Chandan On Skin

Beauty benefits of sandalwood / chandan can give you relief from a number of skin problems in summer and boost your beauty. Your dream of beautiful and glowing skin can be achieved with easy sandal / chandan face packs. In this article you will learn beauty tips with sandalwood as a major ingredient.
20 Beauty Tips of Sandalwood / Chandan on Skin
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That silky and smooth, clean and clear, soft and glowing skin is not just a hard work at a beauty parlour. The gentle care at home and uses of Sandalwood can bring out amazing results on your face. Here are 20 beauty benefits of sandalwood or chandan that you can easily make use at home:

  1. Sandalwood and rose water face pack also rapidly removes prickly heat (on face, forehead and back) caused due to excessive sweating.
  2. To remove sun tan and fade sun burn, mix sandalwood powder with coconut oil and almond oil and apply as a face pack.
  3. To cure acne and
    acne marks make a face pack with sandalwood powder and equal amount of turmeric powder with a pinch of camphor. Leave it overnight for the best results.
  4. The above pack with camphor can also be used to treat blackheads. You can get clear skin with regular use of this chandan pack.
  5. To have a fair complexion and light skin, mix sandalwood powder with almond powder and milk.  Apply on all your face and neck and get beautiful skin.
  6. For allergies make a pack of sandalwood and powder with water and camphor (in very little quantity). This face pack can be used to treat skin issues like psoriasis or eczema. This is one of the best beauty benefit of sandalwood / chandan.
  7. To improve the complexion and fade the scars on face use red sandalwood powder. Apply the face pack daily to get the best and immediate results.
  8. To flaunt your flawless skin, mix fullers earth or multani mitti with sandalwood powder and rose water. If you need anti aging benefits then instead of rose water add green tea to the face pack.
  9. Apply face pack of Sandalwood with rose water and let it dry. While washing it off spray water to dampen the dried face pack. Gently massage and remove the face pack. This will cure blemishes and add glow to your face.
  10. To soften your face use sandalwood oil. You can also use sandalwood oil essence and mix few drops while applying your daily face moisturizer.
  11. Alternatively, to soften your face you can also mix sandalwood powder with massage oil of your choice and let it sit for 12 hours (yes, overnight) and wash off with water.
  12. To treat the swelling of itchy bite mix sandalwood powder with lavender oil and turmeric. Apply this on the effected are and have the immediate results. This mixture also works as insect repellent.
  13. Multani mitti and Sandalwood powder with rose water face pack is good for oily skin.  Sandalwood powder with almond powder and milk face pack is good for dry skin.
  14. Add cucumber juice, honey, curd, lemon juice, and tomato juice with sandalwood
    powder to make a thick face pack. Apply to have flawless skin and cure suntan.
  15. Mix honey, curd, egg yolk, sandalwood powder, lavender essential oil. Make a thick paste and apply as a face pack. This will be helpful in warding off wrinkles and fights sagging skin.
  16. Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and apply the paste under your eyes. Wash this off gently after 10 to 15 minutes. This will cure dark circles under eyes. This remedy will also get you rid of tired looking eyes.
  17. To maintain your glowing and flawless complexion, use face pack made of besan or gram flour, sandalwood powder or few drops of sandalwood essential oil. Apply this every morning and enjoy the youthful skin daily.
  18. Make a thick paste of sandalwood powder and milk powder and apply on arms and legs. Do take extra care to cover elbows and knees. Let it dry and then massage the pack while rinsing off. This will result in clear skin and just perfect to sizzle in that evening dress.
  19. Mix rice flour, rose water with sandalwood powder to make a homemade scrub. This will remove dead skin and give a flawless, lighter appearance.
  20. Mix sandalwood oil with rose water to make your homemade natural body mist. Sandalwood fragrance is serene and makes you feel fresh all day long.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

     All the above uses of sandal for skin are very effective. Now when you know so many beauty benefits of sandalwood or chandan on skin, design your skin regime and look flawlessly beautiful.  

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