Indian Gooseberry Benefits For Beauty And Health: Amla Juice, Amla Oil, Amla Candy Uses

Amla / Indain gooseberry beauty and health benefits are amazing as it restores balance and vitality to your skin and health in the best manner possible. Amla can be consumed as amla juice for weight loss and amla oil benefits includes strong hair growth, freedom from hair loss and a blemish free skin. You can also buy amla powder which can be used in hair pack and kept overnight to ensure smoothness and shine in a natural manner.

It is being said that the old Indian gooseberry popularly known as the “Amla” has beauty and health benefits that one can’t possibly imagine. Amla, although primarily a fully grown tree, is famous for the rich and nutritious fruits that it offers. In fact, in Indian Ayurveda and in modern medicines too, Amla has been used as a source of Vitamin C. Also, it is known to be an excellent source of calcium and iron.

Amla Benefits / Indian Gooseberry for Health

  • Amla as a fruit forms the base with other essential natural ingredients that works great for major diseases affecting
    lungs and liver. Medicinal researches have depicted that Amla has shown great source of resistance in providing body immunity against prominent diseases like acute bronchitis and asthma.
  • In case of diabetic patients, Amla and its insulin secretion has been helpful in controlling blood sugar level.
  • Even problems like constipation can be cured easily with Amla as it works in the shape of a tonic and elevates a fallen liver. This further adds to the strength of digestive system that arises from the power of food absorption and absorption of other essential nutrients. Amla is also helpful in curing problems related to acidity and is a beneficial drink for urinary system as it readily works to flush out high volumes of toxin without the need to stimulate the same.
  • Amla has also been identified as a natural way to increase the haemoglobin count and RBC count as well.
  • Amla has also been proven to affect our cardiovascular system which in turn offers strength and vitality to the muscles of the heart. Hence, out body performs better in controlling situations where hypertension is paramount. Amla also works great in keeping a check on your cholesterol and effective form of anaemia treatment.
  • Amla with its anti-oxidising property works its way to offer effective protection for the brain cells thus protecting the cells from any forms of damage and help in boosting memory as well as concentration powers in equal measure. Many studies have also found Amla to be one of the key ingredients in helping patients fight Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Amla Benefits for Skin

  • Amla juice in your diet can bring glow on your face. It can give you clear and glowing complexion. Radiant skin is one of the best beauty benefits of amla.
  • Amla is said to be enriched with natural body fat reducing properties. Amla works on excess body fat when consumed in the form of dry candy or amla juice.
  • Amla carries a whole lot of Vitamin C which works to purify the blood and help reduce acne and pimples. One of the most gratifying functions of Amla is to purify blood owing to the presence of Vitamin C.
  • It also reduces skin blemishes and help offer a brighter and lively skin by warding off the dead skin cells on application.

Amla Benefits for Hair

Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Poor metabolism serves as one of the prime factors for obesity. Amla helps you to get a better metabolism and thus you can manage obesity burning the excess fat leading to a better standard of living.

Amla Oil Benefits

During the past years, amla oil was being used as a popular form of ayurvedic medicine. Amla oil is prepared using the dried amla, which is soaked in sesame or coconut oil. It’s kept for 3-5 days after which excess fruit is eliminated purifying the oil. It strengthens hair follicles and thus you can prevent hair loss using amla oil.

Amla Powder Benefits

Want to get some good fibre? Amla powder is the best thing rich with fibre that would help you to avoid constipation. Therefore, you can get a good health that would make you feel nice.

Amla Murabba Benefits

Amla murrabba is taken as a tonic to get relief from chronic fatigue. It also refreshes your mind and thus you can perform well eliminating all the difficulties.  

Dry Amla Candy Benefits

Amla when dried in candy form comes out with the best results for your health. The candy is easy to consume, as it would just melt into your mouth. It works well for your bones, teeth, gums, skin and blood. Dry Amla candy when consumed daily enhances the overall appearance of your skin and help build up strong immunity against many diseases. It also works to repair the damaged cells and boost blood circulation all over your body.

Indian gooseberry/ amla is an excellent source to get beauty and health benefits. Taken as a whole, you can get clear view about the positive results you get using amla in its different forms. It’s the natural way to get rid of manifold health and beauty disorders without any side effects. The fruit is easily available in the market and you can bring it home. From hair to toe, it takes care of your entire body and thus you can use the fruit according to your needs living a better lifestyle.



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