Best Tips To Remove Makeup From Face And Eyes To Get Clear Skin

Removing make up from face and eyes is a very important task to get healthy skin. Skin pores also need to breathe to get glowing and fresh look. Learn natural ways below to clean make up from your face.
Best Tips to Remove Makeup from Face and Eyes to Get Clear Skin
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Make up products like kohl, mascara or eye liner are much more than what they promise. They are too hard to take off completely. Removing makeup from eyes, always give us a hard time. Here are discussed some tips to get rid of make up residue from your face easily.

We spend hours and hours first preparing our skin by applying scrubs and face packs and then applying tons of makeup to look pretty for the occasion. And after the occasion we are so tired that we just can’t put efforts to undo the work, err removing the makeup.

The best way

to remove make up

Ladies, we all know cleaning is just not a mundane activity. Removing every bit of makeup before going to bed is as important as to remove make up after certain hours. Keeping it on for long can be harmful for your skin. Keep in mind certain things while removing your makeup

Tie your hair

A simple 2 sec job, but very-very important. Make up get absorbed near the hair line and with open hair it is difficult to clean it.

Do not over pour your remover

At times we believe more will be better and efficient. Wrong. There is no point of using extra make-up remover to do the work, be a store bought thing or your home based magic potion. If required you can always use it again.

Do not scrub your face

Smudged eye can make us look like zombie and tempt us to literally scrub it off. Do not buy this feeling. Be gentle and wipe off your make up, do not scrub it.

Steaming is a good tip

After you have removed your make-up using oil or a creamy lotion and rinsed off with lukewarm water. You can give yourself a spa treatment by a small steam session. Steam is your best friend. Though take a steam every time won’t be possible, but do it once in a while, it is good for skin.

Skip Toner

Toner is one thing that you can really skip from your cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. You are already cleaning your face with a make-up remover and then washing off any residue with face wash, using a toner in such situation with dry your skin.

Home solutions and tips to remove eye make up

Here is a list of ways you can try out to remove eye makeup easily and in few minutes.

  • Olive Oil

If you have a dry or a sensitive skin, this is the best makeup removal.  Olive oil comes with different healing and softening properties that your skin needs after being treated by makeup chemicals. It is completely natural and your skin will love it.

Wipe off all your make up by

using some olive oil on cotton. Do wash your face with your regular face wash afterwards.

  • Baby Oil

Keeping olive oil just for makeup removal is not an ideal thing to do (if you do not use olive oil for other skin and hair benefits). Baby oil is light, non-sticky and many times fragrance free. Baby oil is gentle on hardest make up elements like kohl and mascara. If you use them daily you should be keeping a bottle of baby oil on your bathroom shelf, by now.

  • Milk

Remember the times as teens we used to wash our face with raw milk to get that clean, smooth and soft skin. Well you still can use milk to remove make up and get that fresh face. All you have to do is take raw milk on cotton ball and very gently wipe your eye make-up. Rinse off your face with water, if required use your regular face wash.

Raw milk won’t be of much help if you have applied heavy makeup. It is best for your everyday simple kohl and eye liner look.

  • Body lotion or baby lotion

Make-up comes off easily with reach creamy body lotion or baby lotion. Make sure you use a rich creamy body lotion, having a thick consistency. Do not forget to wash your face with a gel based face wash after that.

  • Vaseline petroleum jelly

Like body lotion you can also use Vaseline in similar way.

Above mentioned ways are quick and natural to take care of your skin, save you time and remove makeup properly. Give them a try and see how your skin responds. Keep in mind, getting off make up is as importanat as weraing make up.

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